About Us

It all began in 1962 when Don Fletcher retired from his service in the US Navy stationed at Norfolk Naval Station. Don and his wife Jeannine Fletcher seized the opportunity and ventured into Newport News, VA where they established Don Fletcher Texaco at the corner of Beechmont Rd & Warwick Blvd.

After a successful stint, they returned to their roots in Corning, NY, where they opened a new Texico Service Station in 1970. It was here in 1979 they employed Michael Fraser, a young and eager service attendant whom they mentored into a skilled mechanic.

In 1984, the Fletchers felt the pull of Newport News once more and embarked on a journey back to Virginia, this time opening Fletchers Auto Repair, with Michael as their head mechanic. Despite the passing of Don in 1993 and Jennine in 2004, Michael remained dedicated to upholding the values instilled by the Fletchers and was named President of the company in 2004.

In 2017, after decades of commitment, Michael retired and relocated to Port Haywood, VA. His eldest son, Nathan Fraser, took the reins as President continuing the legacy of excellence established by his predecessors. Today, Fraser's Automotive remains a beacon of quality service, transparency, and honesty in the Newport News community, a testament to the enduring values passed down through generations.

Nathan Fraser - Chief Executive Officer/ Master Technician

Born into the family business, the first place Nathan's parents (Michael Fraser and the late Holli Fraser) took him after birth was the shop! 

Nathan has an extensive background of automotive repair training and hands on experience under the guidance of his father, the former CEO: Michael Fraser. He follows the same core values that he was brought up on since the business started in 1984: Hard work, Integrity, and continued education in the always evolving automotive industry. 

Ontego Straight- Automotive Technician (2023-Current)

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